Clinical hypnosis for transformation and change

Clinical hypnosis for English-speaking clients

Transform and change…

Stop smoking (become a true non-smoker) Weight control Phobia Trauma & Post-traumatic stress («Rewind » technique) Chronic anxiety & Stress Depression Learn Self-hypnosis

To achieve your goal, hypnosis mobilizes your personal resources, innate and acquired, resulting from the natural memory of your senses, your previous learning and various experiences, in order to modify forever your perception and problematic behavior, which are the cause of your suffering or mental block. 

Hypnosis is not based on any predetermined protocol as each session is taylored for each person. The experience is positive and pragmatic, centered on the present moment and the objective to which you aspire.

Hypnosis offers you complete autonomy, thanks to the practice of self-hypnosis, which you can learn during the session.
If one were to summarize this brief therapy in one word only, “solution” would be the most appropriate.

Your goal and your motivation to change are essential to success. As soon as our first contact by phone or e-mail, I encourage you to share your objective with me.

When we meet, we will talk about your intention and your daily environment in order to clarify your present situation, and we will mobilize your resources and potential. The session then proceeds in a safe environment of calm, serenity, and concentration where, little by little, the evocations, the suggestions, like so many images, sounds, and emotions, open the way toward the immediate and lasting change that is beneficial to you. At last, you return to your normal state of consciousness, reoriented and able to benefit from your new outlook on life.

Take the first step to help yourself. Call or write for an appointment.

Who am I ?

Certified by The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, in Phoenix AZ, I was a student of Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, psychiatrist and “spiritual son” of Dr. Milton Erickson. I also followed the teaching of Canadian clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist Gaston Brosseau, and was previously trained at l’École Centrale d’Hypnose in Paris. 

Bilingual and cross-cultural, I welcome English-speaking clients.

Rates :

Per 1-hour session: 80 €
Students and job-seekers: 50 €

If you like, the session will be recorded and forwarded to you so you can listen to it whenever necessary

Catherine Wendell
Clinical Hypnosis Practioner

Come to my practice in Arcueil (RER B, 2 stops after Denfert-Rochereau station) or I will come to your home or workplace in Paris and the Paris region.

House calls and workplace calls in Paris and the Paris region: additional 15 €

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